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Over the last 40 years there have been remarkable changes in employee benefit plans in all sectors. Pension plans have had to cope with ERISA funding and qualification requirements on the federal level, and even further constraints on the statewide level. Health plans have had to manage medical costs and an evolution of delivery systems. During this time Foster & Foster has been a leader in providing creative cost containment and plan design ideas to our clients to meet their objectives. As we offer services to both pension and health & welfare plans, we can provide clients with seamless integration of participant benefits.

We do not dilute our expertise by trying to cross-sell other services in investment, compensation, legal, or systems technology.

We provide a wide range of health fund consulting and actuarial services. We understand that the services required may vary from client to client and we tailor both services and reports to each individual client.

Health & Welfare Services/Post-Retirement Benefit Plan Services

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Pension Plan Services

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